New Hope Oncology Center Offers Cloud-based Radiation Therapy Services

Accessing an abundance of medical expertise worldwide

United Family New Hope Oncology Center now offers cloud-based radiation therapy services that allow Chinese and international radiation oncologists to plan and manage our patients’ treatment anytime and anywhere.

The COVID-19 outbreak brings severe challenges to cancer patients currently undergoing treatments. In order to ensure that treatments can go as smoothly as usual, United Family New Hope Oncology Center has immediately implemented strict infection control procedures while providing high-standard cancer diagnosis and treatment services adhering to international guidelines. We proactively assess and identify patient needs responding to the epidemic, and integrate all resources promptly to further strengthen our capacity in clinical services.

The newly installed cloud platform enables our radiation oncologist to remotely manage patients’ entire radiation therapy journey, utilizing advanced cloud technology to break the barriers of time and space. The core functions that can be realized via the platform include:

  • Remote determination of target volume, defining tumor’s boundaries and avoiding damaging normal cells
  • Remote formulation and assessment of treatment plans, optimizing treatment outcomes
  • Remote confirmation, ensuring accurate delivery of treatments
  • Remote device quality control, providing more support for treatment safety
  • Cross-regional multidisciplinary teleconsultation, providing efficient solutions to cases with high complexity

The accurate implementation of these functions provides strong support to optimal treatment outcomes and patient safety.

The cloud platform offers convenient access to premium medical expertise in China and abroad, ensuring that patients can benefit from our high-standard radiation therapy services in a more efficient manner.

To make an appointment for your radiation oncology consultation and treatment, please contact:

United Family New Hope Oncology Center front desk: (010)5927 7008

24hr Service Center: 4008-919191

Radiation oncology Case Manager Sunny Jing: 15810109764